Cash Receipt Voucher Format In Word (2023)

You can download the cash receipt voucher format in Word to boost sales for your business. Or use the Vyapar app for billing and accounting easily and grow your business faster. Avail 15 Days Free Trial Now!

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You can download the cash receipt voucher format in Word to boost sales for your business. Or use the Vyapar app for billing and accounting easily and grow your business faster. Avail 15 Days Free Trial Now!

Download Free Cash Receipt Voucher Format In Word

What is the Cash Receipt Voucher Format in Word?

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Someone writes a cash receipt voucher manually to document the purchase and receipt of goods or services. In most cases, this will replace a paper receipt in your establishment.

These receipts include taxi receipts, construction material receipts, equipment receipts, and labour receipts.Auditors consider these vouchers to be adequate for auditing.

A cash receipt records the money you spent or received in cash or cash equivalents.The vendor keeps the second duplicate of the cash receipt for record-keeping purposes, and gives the original copy to the client.

A cash receipt format serves as not only proof of ownership but also other functions.

For example:

A retailer may ask a customer to produce the cash receipt to approve the swap or return of purchased items.

In the event of a product warranty, the merchant may request the receipt approved at the time of purchase. Another significant but critical advantage is the concreteness of the accounting records that ensure the existence of these transaction records.

The absence of records (such as cash receipts) to endorse the presence of the payment is one of the significant reasons for an audit.Vyapar’s Cash receipts formats in Word can offer an enhanced customer experience, in addition to conventional billing invoices.

These Vyapar cash receipt voucher format free downloadare entirely customisable, allowing you to fit the format’s theme to the colours and style of your hotel. It will aid the company in giving the voucher a professional look and increasing market appeal.

Vyapar’s cash receipt voucher format in word also aid in keeping track of the customers and other clients. The data can determine peak trading days and adjust the workload accordingly.The Vyapar cash receipt voucher format app enables businesses to generate detailed reports that accurately reflect customer visits.

What are the Essential Elements of the Cash Receipt Voucher Format in Word?

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A cash receipt voucher format in word includes the following information by default:

  • The transaction’s date of occurrence.
  • We assign a unique identification number to the document.
  • The customer’s surname.
  • The sum of money received.
  • The method of payment, such as cash, check, etc.
  • The vendor’s signature

Understanding how to create a cash sale receipt is necessary for every seller to be familiar with when conducting a cash purchase agreement. The content and style of cash sale receipts vary, and there are no clear criteria for creating one.Cash receipts must include specific vital components to ensure accuracy.

Seller’s Information:

The first item on the cash receipt should be information about the seller, such as their/company name, complete address, phone number, email address, webpage, and other essential details that can help identify them quickly.

The information should be formatted as follows:

  • Name of the Company/Seller
  • Company Identification Number
  • Address on the Street
  • City, State, and Zip Code
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Website


This section must contain the following information:

The Date of the Transaction:

Include the transaction date in the cash receipt template to help track when the transaction took place.If the company offers a warranty for the product or services, this may be useful.

Details About the Product / Service:

To help differentiate the product and services, the cash sale receipt should include a clear and definitive item description.

Payment Information:

You must record the buyer’s name, the amount paid, and the reason for payment.

The Payment Section:

  • The cash receipt must contain a section detailing the payment made, i.e.,
  • The total subtotal,
  • The tax rate,
  • The total amount owed.
  • The amount paid and
  • If there is any remaining balance.
  • This data helps calculate tax returns and keep track of installment payments.

Method of Payment:

The method of payment should be specified on the cash receipt.Cash is not the only way to make payments. Payment methods can help you manage finances better.

Cash, digital money transfer, and other payment methods are available.


The seller must sign the cash receipt to show they provided goods and services and payment was received.At the bottom of the receipt, the seller or their indicative must print one’s name and sign against it.

Why Do You Need a Cash Receipt Voucher Format by Vyapar?

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Many businesses only accept debit cards, credit cards, and checks, which create a digital paper record in your bank account, but this isn’t always the case when buying and selling with cash.

Regardless of whether your small business is making an occasional cash purchase or relies on cash as a primary means of doing business with customers, keeping detailed records with cash receipts is critical.

Here are Some of the Most Significant Benefits of Using a Cash Receipt:

Proof Of Sale:

The first advantage of making use of cash receipts is to have proof of a sale. A record of previous cash purchases could be instrumental if there is a dispute with a customer or a refund.

Maintain Accurate Accounting Records:

Accounting records that are accurate assist you in making sound business decisions. They are also required by law to produce an accurate tax return.

Without cash receipts, one may under-report sales, lowering their taxes but putting them in hot water with the authorities, or you may under-report expenses, resulting in an overpayment of taxes.

Accurate cash receipts and payments provide more information about a company’s cash usage. To ensure the accuracy of cash information, a company may use the cash-based accounting method in some cases.

Evidence in Case of Auditing:

Keeping detailed records will make you glad if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits you and you find yourself on the wrong side. In such a scenario, you may have to provide receipts as proof of your correct taxation.

Saves Time:

A business requires user-friendly and automated software to take payments effectively and correctly.When a transaction is completed, the automatic online payment software handles all back-end operations.

A Cash Voucher system is an automated software that includes all the necessary computational tools. The company saves countless hours of manual labour. Furthermore, it ensures that your records are constantly and accurately updated.

Instead of worrying about accounting, the company can concentrate on managing its goals. Flexibility is also required for payment processing. Transactions are processed quickly and easily by using a cash receipt voucher application.

Increased Control:

Budgets are typically business tools that constrain a company’s operations. Using actual cash receipts and payments places the most constraints on carefree managers who overspend capital.

Because cash balance sheets allot all resources to a department, there is usually no room for excess in the budget. Increased control over cash receipts and payments can boost profitability.

What are the Tips to Create aLarger Impact Through Outstanding Cash Receipts Vouchers?

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Accounting Software like Vyapar allows you to customise and adjust the cash receipt voucher in Word to meet your specific needs. There are some specific tips for making a more significant impact with Vyapar’s cash receipt voucher format in Word:

Record And Save All Relevant Information:

Including as much information as possible in the cash receipt document. Any relevant information, such as payment transactions, accommodations used, costs, and all other applicable charges, must be included on the receipt voucher.

Include Some Customised Elements:

Personalisation is always advantageous and necessary in billing. Another way to impress customers is to use bright colours to highlight one’s brand, emblem, and address in a particular manner.

Why Do You Need A Cash Receipt Voucher?

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Billing your customers with a generic invoice layout may work, but it may not make a lasting impression. As a result, to stand out from the crowd, users should create a cash receipt voucher format in wordfree downloadby Vyapar.

Furthermore, invoicing for a business has significantly more burdensome requirements than general invoicing. Every customer who is a part of the deal is entitled to a variety of services. To generate flexible receipts, one must focus on developing a business niche-specific billing template.

Additional Benefits of Cash Receipt Voucher Include:

  • These cash receipts vouchers are typically free and easy to use.
  • These can be easily customised to meet the needs of any business owner.
  • Reduces payment time by performing calculations and optimisations automatically as needed.
  • These have print-friendly features that can be shared with customers relatively easily.
  • Finally, these invoice systems employ the brand and identity for a more significant customer reach.

Apart from that, using the cash receipt voucher format has many indirect benefits that contribute to the overall growth of the business:

  • It aids in the brand’s establishment.
  • It aids in gaining clients’ trust.
  • It makes taxation easier by keeping a record.
  • It contributes to the efficient system of all invoices.

Why Must You Use Vyapar's Cash Receipt Voucher?

Accounting records that are accurate and complete are more than just a benefit to your company. They are effectively required by law, as financial records are required to prepare an accurate tax return each year.

With improved cash receipt records, you’ll have precise financial information to help you make the right decisions for helping your company grow, and you’ll have everything you require when tax season rolls around.

Cash receipts are required if your business accepts cash. They are a necessary part of doing business.

Cash receipt voucher format in word simplifies the lives of business owners. The following are some of the primary benefits of using Vyapar’s cash receipt voucher format:

Hardly Any Extra Cost:

There is no extra charge for using Vyapar’s cash receipt voucher format for your business. People can also download the Vyapar cash receipt voucher, which is available in word format.

Companies charge for some high-end features that are optional and only cost a flat fee. Premium features are available in Vyapar cash receipt voucher format.

Reduces Transaction Time:

As a business owner, you don’t want your customers waiting in line for confirmation and check-in while you sit back and generate individual bills. If this is possible, it will improve the efficiency of your business.

You can now generate receipts faster by entering basic details such as amenities and customer information into a ready-to-use cash receipt voucher format provided by billing software Vyapar, significantly reducing transaction time.

Added Features:

In addition to saving you time, Vyapar’s efficient cash receipt voucher formats are easy to use, customisable, easy to share, and flexible to various formats. You can edit or create your templates, print them, and start sharing them online via multiple channels such as Whatsapp or email.

Individual needs dictate whether the layout is installed and saved in Word, PDF, or Excel format. You can personalize the cash receipt voucher format to meet your business needs and collect all necessary information.

What are the Advantages of Using Cash Receipt Vouchers by Vyapar?

Aside from the reasons stated above for why you should use the Vyapar cash receipt voucher, working with Vyapar can improve business management and accounting records. It has the following advantages:

Dedicated Support:

Vyapar’s team of highly skilled employees and staff is ready to help any of its clients. Invoicing Software Vyapar follows the motto “service for a fee.”

They want to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and quality through their business services.

No Extra Charges:

Unlike many other application retailers, Vyapar does not charge any additional fees to their customers. They believe that the prices they quote for each product include the year-round services they provide to their customers.

You only have to pay the subscription fee for premium features in the Vyapar app. You can download accessible cash receipt formats from Vyapar at no cost and use them for your business requirements.

Good Footprint:

Compared to a file in Word or another format, the Vyapar cash receipt voucher format in wordhas a better market appeal. Unless your file includes high-resolution images, it will be only a few MB in size.

Larger files are frequently used for business needs, such as filed documents, instruction manuals, etc. Despite this, word format has the smallest file size footprint.

Compatible With Any Operating System:

Vyapar’s cash receipt voucher format is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS.

All you need is a capable browser or software applications designed to work with Word documents. Whatever your company’s requirements, there’s a word format answer for you.

Safe And Secure:

Safety and security have become critical components of today’s business workflow. Word file apps now include standard enterprise-grade security features like strong passwords and redaction.

Such tools provide excellent data protection and ensure the privacy and security of documents submitted outside your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a Cash Receipt Voucher?

A cash receipt is the official report of receipt of cash from external sources such as receipts from borrowers, receipts from a bank, receipts as debts from third parties, etc., and cash receipts are created. They can be presented as proof of the amount receivable to formalize the transaction.

How Do I Create a Cash Receipt Voucher in Word?

Select Insert in Microsoft Word. Then, click Table to add columns and rows. The newly added Table serves as your voucher, and you can begin editing it to resemble an official voucher.

How Do I Make a Receipt Voucher?

The following steps can be followed to make a receipt voucher:

  • Determine the type of voucher to be created.
  • Select or create a template. There are receipt voucher templates available for download.
  • Please include the reference number. Assign a unique number to each voucher.
  • Enter the contents. Fill in the blanks with the predetermined contents of your voucher, such as your name (blank), the amount in words (blank), and so on.
  • When issuing the invoice voucher to the client, carefully write down all the transaction information.
  • Sign the voucher and have your customer sign in the designated area.

How Do You Write a Payment Voucher?

All individuals making a payment must prepare a proper payment voucher and follow the guidelines below:

  • Choose a proper voucher for payment, such as a cash payment voucher, a bank payment voucher, or a payment voucher (if no separate coupons are prepared for cash or bank payment).
  • Write the payment details date on the voucher.
  • Designate a serial number for the payment voucher.
  • Write the total in both figures and words.
  • Debit the account heads correctly.
  • Credit the cash account if the payment is made in cash.
  • Credit the bank account if the payment is made by check (always include the name of the bank).
  • The money receiver must mark the voucher.
  • The authorized person with the authority to inform the cashier to pay the cash must sign the voucher.
  • Accompany the payment voucher with an appropriate source document.

How Do I Create a Simple Cash Receipt Voucher Format in Word?

Follow the given steps to make a receipt in Word:

  • Launch Microsoft Word.
  • Select New from the File menu.
  • Type Invoice and Word will display all accessible invoice templates in the search field.
  • If you’re using Office Online, the homepage contains several templates.
  • Select the template that you want to use.

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